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Klieverik announced the launch of its new GTC111-5400 extra large-format printing machine.

The industrial rotary thermo-processing equipment provider said that the solution allows users to achieve the best possible fixation results on materials up to 5m wide, as well as narrow width shafts from direct textile printers.

User will also benefit from reliability and consistency through the use of multiple heating elements over the full width, while other features include touch screen operation, pneumatic tension settings, incorporated textile through feed.

John Selfhout, head of marketing at Klieverik, said: “In our design we made all necessary provisions to ensure ease of operation. Because of the incorporated easy feeding it only takes two persons to feed the calendar.”

Klieverik’s new GTC131-2000 SP F high capacity single piece transfer printing calendar, with a 760 mm heating drum. Features on the machine include single piece transfer printing and roll-to-roll functionality, a long glass table and movable separation bar for easy paper feeding.

This presentation marks the extension of the portfolio of GTC products and will completed by a 3.2m roll-roll machine as well as a 1m-drum diameter calendar.

Selfhout added: “Our technology differs from the technologies our colleagues use. This makes our calendars reliable and easy to work with. And above all, our calendars deliver constant quality in the production process.