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Removing vinyl is a breeze with a simple, 2-step process


Graphix Supply World takes the headache out of vinyl removal with the introduction of ImagePerfect Vinyl Remover Pro. The accompanying video demonstrates the ease of removal and clean results achieved.

This product is highly effective in removing vinyl from a wide variety of surfaces, including car bodies (removal of vehicle wraps), acrylic sheets, windows, glass, many plastic substrates, whiteboards and anodised aluminium.

Apply IP Vinyl Remover Pro to the top surface of the vinyl to be removed, wait 20-30 minutes and the vinyl will peel away in large pieces or can be washed off with a pressure washer, leaving no residue. IP Vinyl Remover Pro is classified as non-toxic, non-irritant for skin and eyes, non-hazardous for transport and non-hazardous for the environment. In addition, it is time-saving because there is no need to heat the vinyl. It can be applied using existing application equipment such as trays, foam rollers, brushes and wipes.

In all, there are several benefits for the user.

• Ready to use & easy to apply
• Graphics can be removed in large pieces
• No need to apply heat
• No adhesive residue
• No damage to the surface
• Available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles

See a demonstration of the simple removal process.


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