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From humble beginnings, 10 years ago, African Tarpaulins and Supplies, knew, then, that they would make a mark in the cargo lashing equipment manufacturing industry.  Now, that may be a mouthful, but Paul, their owner, believes that when it comes to building a business, one has to bring three driving forces to the table.

Exceptional Service    –    Great Quality    –    Affordable Prices.

A Tricky Escape Plan

The company started off with a Mimaki SWJ, they knew that the branding of truck tarpaulins, which is where they see their niche market going, would be huge.  Paul gave it some long hard thought sessions, and knew that they weren’t prepared to dive in headfirst.  It was slowly, slowly catches a monkey, or in their case, catch a truck.

Paul realized that the truck tarpaulin branding was only covering about 2 % of their turnover, but saw, and still does see, the potential they can grow from this section of their business.  Who doesn’t want to see their business name splashed across their trucks?  Right?  It is a lucrative way of marketing your business, and this is the angle that Paul plans to go in on going forward.

While they could outsource the printing, the idea of passing off the opportunity to offer a full house service wasn’t appealing to him.   He is that positive that he admitted to considering more machines down the line, as he can see the lucrativeness of keeping the branding in house.

After swapping out the Mimaki SWJ’s for the Mimaki UJV55 – 320, Paul could see the difference immediately, and was stoked by the change.  He realized that some printing machines are just not meant for certain businesses, and his story is the case in point. Since acquiring the high performance grand format UJV55, he can see a brighter future for the printing arm of African Tarpaulins.

With its twin-roll simultaneous printing method, the UJV55-320 is one heck of a monster LED UV inkjet printer.  While African Tarpaulins are only printing on the truck tarpaulins for now, it makes sense for them to eventually start offering branding on their other products, such as pool covers, lapa blinds, as well as chicken and pig cage curtains.  Again, the marketing arm behind a well-placed company logo or name can go a long way on publically displayed tarpaulins.

From order to delivery …

After the negotiations with GSW on the Mimaki SWJ, they opted for the UJV55-320 and haven’t looked back.  From the ordering process to the day it was delivered, they have been happy clients.  While there was some time delay between the transitions of machine change, they are starting to reap the benefits with the UJV55.

The team of technicians at GSW have been on the ball, assisting where necessary, and endeavoring to make the process seamless.

Onward and upward …

Paul, on being asked whether African Tarpaulins would consider purchasing another machine into the future, advised us with a smile in his voice, that he would most definitely.  Once they can get this part of their business running like clockwork, and pip the competition with their quality tarpaulins, he sees a great business avenue developing, and for sure, a another machine on the cards.

Paul, unequivocally, would recommend GSW and their powerful machines.

The Mimaki UJV55-320 Key Selling Points
Super wide format printing (up to 3.2m)
High speed printing up to 110m2/h
Newly developed LUS-120 high performance UV curing ink including white
High density print mode for front/backlit applications
Inline LED Lightbox for backlit print inspection
MAPS, MFD1, NCU & NRS for optimal print quality & performance
Simultaneous twin-roll print facility
Media roll weights up to 100kg
Specifications of the Mimaki UJV55-320

About the company …

On a closer look we were delighted to peruse African Tarpaulins & Supplies website.  While the trucking tarpaulin business is their main avenue, they offer so much more.

From swimming pool covers, which today is a must-have given the water saving scenario; patio and lapa blinds, and pig and chicken cage curtains.  It doesn’t stop there either.  If you’re looking for cricket pitch covers, dam liners, hunting body bags, as well as furniture and machinery covers, all you need to do is look to African Tarpaulins and Supplies.

And, of course, if you’re thinking of branding your PVC purchase, you want to be asking the good team at this reputable and innovative company about their printing facilities.  We hear they have a very efficient and quality printing machine.

The nitty-gritty …

Always one to punt our clients businesses, should you want to go take a look at what African Tarpaulins does, pop over to their very graphic website, and take a little journey through the world of tarpaulins.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Further, Paul, or one of his esteemed team members, can be contacted on Tel : +27(0)16 423-5123/4/5 or Email: .

We thank Paul and his team at African Tarpaulins & Supplies for considering Graphix Supply World for their branding needs and are looking forward to growing with them from strength to strength.