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There are so many things to organise when planning a brand promotion. Whether you’re promoting a new product, your friend’s incredible band or an exhibition at the art gallery, one of the smartest ways to attract attention is by erecting an incredible, eye-catching display. Top graphics suppliers will tell you that a roll-up banner is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Ultimate convenience

A roll-up banner will never go out of style. It can’t, the design is just too convenient. While large displays and promotional structures take up time, manpower and space, a roll-up is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to transport and one of the easiest constructions to set up. The banner itself takes up very little storage and floor space yet when utilised correctly, it has the same impact as a large-scale promotional structure.

Undeniable attraction

From the moment the quality digital printing equipment spits out the roll-up banner canvas, the print has an impact. With convenient scale and structure, these banners are easily customised to display your brand’s name, logo and unique advertising campaign. The use of vibrant colours, interesting illustrations and suitable large-scale text can create an eye-catching spectacle which attracts a large range of customers to your stand. A gorgeous, glossy protective layer will keep the banner dust-free and dazzling while banner frames and light boxes can be purchased to provide a professional touch – how can passers-by resist?

Cost effective

Roll-up banners have not only afforded businesses an innovative and rewarding way to promote their brand; they are also incredibly economical. Rather than paying for new promotional structures everywhere you set up shop, these mobile banners can travel with you to every location. Apart from their convenient travel-size features, most roll-up banners are coated in a protective gloss which keeps them in perfect condition – no matter the journey.