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Trident Digital, a division of Trident Press, was established by Ebbie the MD, five years ago.

Their focus is the digital business/ commercial printing sector where the likes of advertising agencies, large corporations and retail are just a few of their key target market areas.

Trident Digital is able to provide on-demand printing solutions, quick turnaround times, from small to large print runs at a reasonable price, for both narrow and large format digital printing. Digital can save money and time when you need a small job done fast, but right the first time.

When we asked what the MD (Ebbie) of Trident Digital loved about the digital print industry, Ebbie’s response was comical as he confessed to loving the rush, “that keeps my blood pumping”.

Ebbie first bought a Mimaki JV33 when he started Trident Digital, and because he was so happy with the “reliable printer”, and the great service Graphix Supply World offered him, he took the opportunity to purchase his next powerful printing machine when their digital business grew significantly.

Trident Digital are now the proud owners of two new Mimaki CJV300-160’s and look forward to purchasing a third within the next few months. Ebbie has this to share: “you know what I really like about this printer, when I need to run a large campaign across many machines, I can just let it run without supervision. We’ve never had a head crash or any issues with the Mimaki and that’s why I bought the second one.” He goes on to say. “I need the same colour with the same equipment and that’s why I will buy another Mimaki CJV300-160!”

Mimaki CJV300 Series: high-speed, integrated cutter/printer

Mimaki CJV300 Series high-speed solvent printer cutter devices go beyond extraordinary to deliver an amazing array of applications. Eco solvent inks in a variety of colors – including Silver – and advanced printing technologies means you can produce anything from fine art reproductions to outdoor signage. And, with precision cutting capability on board you can go beyond posters and banners to deliver complete campaigns that include labels, decals and even T-shirt transfers. Employing the Mimaki CJV300 Series printers’ superb quality, color fidelity, throughput and contour cutting then printing flexibility, you’ll go beyond the expected to capture more wallet share and deliver whatever your customers can imagine.

Graphix Supply World love enabling their customers to grow through only the best and affordable, digital printing equipment in Africa.

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