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Graphix Supply World, Africa’s largest one-stop-shop digital solutions provider to the print, packaging, signage, textile and graphics-related industries, is proud to announce a new partnership with Fujifilm Graphic Systems.

Fujifilm has earned the trust of graphics professionals worldwide by taking the lead in providing reliable and convenient solutions that raise productivity and quality, above all other suppliers.

About Fujifilm

As a key supplier to the wide format industry, with a long heritage and unparalleled expertise in ink manufacture for large format print, Fujifilm is dedicated to developing the inkjet systems for the future. Fujifilm’s investment in R&D is unprecedented at over 1 billion every year. Fujifilm’s expertise in electronics, imaging and inkjet technologies is second to none, and has driven pioneering innovations over the last 70 years. At their Advanced Research Laboratory in Tokyo, Fujifilm are combining benchmark print-head, software and ink technologies to create the industrial inkjet printing systems of the future.

Graphix Supply World and Fujifilm SA

“Our relationship with Fujifilm will provide our customers across South Africa and the African continent, the opportunity to experience the distinctive benefits of the Fujifilm technology combined with their expertise in digital print solutions and graphic systems,” said Managing Director of Graphix Supply World, Robert Franco. “We anticipate broad interest in the Fujifilm technology, with a mutual, shared vision of entering new markets with the diverse range of products from Fujifilm. We believe this will be a great catalyst for growth and expansion for both companies, and will bring benefits for our customers too, in this strategic new partnership, where cost efficiency and quality excellence is key to having the competitive edge.”

The Acuity LED UV Inkjet Hybrid Printer

The Acuity LED 1600 large format hybrid UV printer fully incorporates the cutting-edge technologies of the Fujifilm group, from the uniquely designed LED lamp unit to the high-precision / high-speed inkjet print-head, high-sensitivity UV ink, and many others.

At the heart of the Acuity LED 1600 lie ink, print-heads and LED-curing systems that were designed for each other. They are accurately tuned to give brilliant images, at speed, even on traditionally difficult to print media. The combination of technology is clever enough to allow the Acuity LED 1600 to print colour, white or varnish simultaneously in one pass without re-rolling.

It’s a state-of-the-art technology made possible by Fujifilm’s commitment to research and development. The result is an outstanding printer, which is flexible and reliable with minimal environmental impact.

Keys to Acuity LED 1600 performance are class-leading productivity of 20m ²/hr, high-quality from a wide color gamut and smooth tonal gradations, and the flexibility to print to a broad range of media up to 13 mm thick. These give you the ability to produce high value-added promotional tools, thus providing powerful support for expanding your business into new markets.

Fujifilm Uvistar High-speed UV Roll Printer

The Uvistar UV printer is packed with features to print super fast (5-meter @ 3,900 sq ft/hr) on flexible materials such as PE for billboard applications. The low ink build required to achieve strong colors achieves a very low ink cost-in-use, beating competition and easily justifying the switch from slower, high-cost solvent printers to high-speed UV prints.

Fujifilm Acuity Advance Flatbed UV Printer

With expertise in the areas of inkjet inks, print systems, and industrial print-heads Fujifilm has built a capability in inkjet technology that is second to none. The Acuity Series of wide format printers brings a range of true flatbed UV print solutions optimized for quality, speed, and production. The Acuity Advance platform, with the same ultra-high print quality, but adds a number of new features that improve production efficiencies and extend the versatility of this platform, allowing it to be used for a much wider range of applications.

The Inca Onset Series High End UV Flatbed Printer

The Inca Onset is one of the world’s fastest UV flatbed inkjet press printers. The Onset’s speed and quality is delivered by a massive array of 576 Spectra print-heads addressing a total of 73,728 inkjet nozzles in easy plug-in Inca print bars, supported by innovative head alignment systems. The Inca Onset has been designed with a high level of fault tolerance to ensure maximum print quality at exceptionally high print speeds and will change the way in which display graphics are produced, now and in the future.

The Onset S70 is one of the fastest digital flatbed presses in the world. It can print 6,458 ft2 per hour of satin matt finish and over 5100 ft2 of gloss print. Because Onset works at great speed, the cost per copy is lower than any other machine. Ease of operation and automation cut labour costs. With Onset, digital print is just as economical or better than screen or offset at up to 1,000 impressions. Digital pre-press is faster and cleaner than screen, and has none of the costs of materials and labour screen entails. And compared to offset, there are no plates to make.

With Onset’s direct-to-media printing, you have the capacity to produce every piece of rigid graphic print you see. Indoor / outdoor display is just the beginning. Onset is perfectly suited to a huge range of applications, which can unlock new, profitable work for your business.

Onset opens up two valuable markets:

  • 3-D and packaging media
  • Industrial media – glass, wood, metal and plastics up to 50 mm thick

Uvijet Ink

Uvijet ink systems are renowned in the industry through Fujifilm’s high productivity wide format printers. Made using Fujifilm’s Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology, enabling higher pigmentation, they produce strong, vibrant images and a wide colour gamut. The Acuity LED UV’s dedicated eight-colour UV LED ink set includes white and clear varnish. The Acuity LED 1600 can apply colours, white or varnish in a single pass, offering a host of creative possibilities.

UV Ink: The Future of Print

One of the most important trends which signage and graphix companies here in Africa and South Africa will face over the next couple of years is the move away from solvent inks. These alternatives include aqueous inks and UV curable inks, hailed as the ink of the future. The drawback of aqueous inks is their durability. UV ink on the other hand has superior durability properties, in comparison with conventional solvent inks.

UV inks are also much more environmentally friendly, with minimal odour in comparison. The UV ink adhesion properties allow direct print onto rigid substrates, thereby reducing production costs of printing onto vinyl, application onto substrate and time. UV is one of the most cost effective inks, using LED-curing technology, like Fujifilm and Mimaki of Japan, which have been developed over the past couple of years.

Fujifilm Technology and GSW

Fujifilm technology and their diverse product offerings, are able to offer a solution to meet the growing demand for increased print quality, higher production speeds and a lower cost of production in order for the machines to be used in a wider range of applications.

From the customer’s perspective there is a demand to be able to print onto a wider range of substrates including material for garment printing, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, films and more. The developments in technology and inks from Fujifilm mean that the range of substrates and applications are only limited by the imagination.

Darryl Braithwaite, Sales Director of Graphix Supply World, adds:

“With the recent sale of the first Fujifilm Onset and Uvistar in Africa already, we are able to offer our clients the full solution unlike any other distributors, as we offer any customer, big or small, an affordable solution that will grow their business and maximize their profits.”

About Graphix Supply World

Graphix Supply World also supply a wide range of digital finishing solutions from manual heat presses, calendar roll presses, laminators, trimmers, welders, flatbed cutters, textile finishing tables, inks, media, display systems, doming and more.


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