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Many of us have “been there, done that” and purchased those pesky generic inks, only to find it causes more damage than good to our valuable printers which in turn, is far costlier than we realised. Thatiswhy,GraphixSupplyWorldareofferingtheircustomerswhoarechangingfrom generic inks back to Mimaki inks, a free conversion for the entire month of October. Mr Rob Franco MD of GSW says: “By customers request often having changed to generic inks and discovered that these inks are problematic and have no input cost advantage. More than 100 customers have already changed as the new Mimaki BS4 eco solvent inks are better, less hazardous and even cheaper. Long term savings are endless and we cannot believe how everyone is coming back for better services on all back yard ink resellers.”

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If you would like to find out more, please email us at or contact us: Cape Town: Tel +27 (0) 21 511 5340
Johannesburg: Tel +27 (0) 11 444 9288
Durban: Tel +27 (0) 31 502 6128
24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333
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