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SQUID was featured & launched at ArtLab’s astonishing event that was held on the 27 July 2017.

ArtLab showcased the Mimaki CJV150-160 Award winning Digital printer that was purchased from GSW.


Squid Captured the crowds’ attention with its sophistication & Unique properties.

100% Belgian

Squid is 100% Belgian. Our unique window decoration is developed and woven by Lampe_textiles in Tielt, Belgium. We’re driven by our passion for textiles and love of all things beautiful, with quality as a priority.


Squid is the only window covering that can be used with any type and shape of window. The fabric is both moisture and heat resistant, and very easy to tailor to your exact specifications.

Moisture and heat resistant

Squid works fine at temperatures up to 60°C and is fire retardant (M1/B1), so you can use it in areas with strict fire safety requirements. Moisture is no problem for the window fabric’s adhesive strength either; you can install Squid in your bathroom, garage, kitchen or laundry room with complete peace of mind. And Squid’s woven structure means it can be used on HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass too.

Custom made

Have you got round, triangular or diamond-shaped windows? Do you want to use Squid on a skylight, glass dome or conservatory? As long as your window is made of glass, Squid fits. You simply cut the window fabric to the right size. Ideal for small windows next to your front door, but also for large windows, which you can cover with Squid with the necessary precision without any visible seams.

Transparency and privacy

Squid is a transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in. So Squid helps you keep your privacy while still enjoying your view.

Undisturbed enjoyment

You can compare the effect of Squid on your window to that of frosted glass or a net curtain. Passers-by can’t glare inside even though you’re still letting lots of natural light in and can enjoy looking out. This is unlike plastic window-covering film, which blocks your natural light and you can’t see through at all.

Lights on in the evening

Squid also ensures you can enjoy being in a cosy cocoon in the evening. But it gets easier for people outside to see in as it gets darker outside, so it’s best to close your curtains or blinds.


Squid is a fabric with a beautiful, natural feel. Its unique texture makes it easy to care for and suitable for any interior or type of architecture. We have carefully selected five colours to perfectly complement your existing décor.

Beautiful and practical

Squid’s unique texture is a result of its production technique. The fabric is woven with polyester threads to give it a soft, warm feel. And it’s easy to clean! You can remove stains from yoghurt, jam, chocolate, mayonnaise and others without any problems. Squid is also moisture and heat resistant, and suitable for HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass.

For any interior

Squid’s minimalist style means this window decoration suits any interior and type of architecture. The five colours have been carefully selected to match any décor. Be inspired by the Squid effect in Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash and Rock on. 


Squid keeps a lot of the sun’s heat out, so it’s an ideal solution on windows that are exposed to strong sunshine, and it can withstand extreme humidity too. It’s also breathable, unlike plastic window-covering film, so it’s even suitable for HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass.

Moisture and heat resistant

We think it’s important our product is thoroughly tested, so we exposed Squid to strong solar radiation in a laboratory environment. We also tested it up to 99% humidity in this environment. It passed both tests perfectly, and the adhesive strength of the glue wasn’t affected at all.

36% less heat from the sun

Heat from the sun is blocked twice when you use Squid: firstly because there’s no air gap between your sun-resistant material and the glass, and secondly because the fabric reflects some of the sunlight. So you can stay cool inside. Depending on which colour you choose, 25%–36% of the sun’s energy is reflected. Tests have shown that it reduces the temperature by at least 3°C.


You can use Squid on roof windows such as Velux skylights, south-facing sliding windows, glass roofs, domes, conservatories, etc. And unlike plastic window-covering film, you can use Squid on HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass, too. Neither the glue nor the fabric suffer any adverse effects from strong UV rays.


Squid is quick and easy to install. You can do it yourself or get one of our installers to do it for you. You don’t need any professional equipment, and the installation won’t damage your walls or interior.


You install the window fabric in four stages: clean, stick, cut and press firmly. Simple, but it’s important to do things in the right order. Are you not happy with it first time? No problem: unlike plastic window-covering film, you can reposition Squid several times. This is useful if you’re moving house; you can simply take your Squid with you!

Large surfaces

You can easily cover small windows on your own, but it’s better to work as a pair for larger windows. You can install Squid on large windows with almost no visible joins – as long as you work with enough patience and precision!

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