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It didn’t’ take long for large-format printer, richnerstutz ag to flourish. In 2010, just five years after partners Andre Richner and Andre Stutz opened their doors, they had 40 employees. By 2014, the occupied 10,000 square meters, employed 120 and were purchasing their fourth Vutek printer.

Their success, they say, was the result of a three-pronged partnership: with each other, with their technology provider and with their customers.

Increasing their competitive edge.
Richnerstutz began production with the VUTEk 5330, a roll-to-roll five-metre, solvent –ink printer, 10 years ago. And it had been running around the clock, five days a week ever since. It ran so well and smoothly that three years later the company purchased another printer, the VUTEk QS3200r, a more versatile UV printer. The ability to print on a nearly unlimited variety of material increased business dramatically. To keep up with the increased demand, two years later, richnerstutz exchanged the 3-metre QS3200r for a faster 5-metre VUTEk GS5000r, which also has been running reliably around the clock ever since.

As more and more narrower-width jobs came in, richnerstutz required a new strategy. So, in 2014 the company installed the EFI VUTEk GS3250Lx Pro. “We opted for the new LED printer because it was a printer with the latest technology enabling us to create the best-quality prints in the market and thus increase our competitive edge,” says managing director Andre Stutz.

“What we found attractive was the immense flexibility of the VUTEk GS3250Lx Pro thanks to the quick changeover from roll-to-roll to flatbed printing in under two minutes without tools,” says production manager Marco Schuhmacher. After thorough testing and evaluation he found that the image quality of the VUTEk came out on top, operation was simpler, conversion from roll to plate was faster and the printer was robustly designed for continuous industrial use. “Ultimately for me, the deciding factor was the reliability of the VUTEk printers based on our ten years’ experience with them,” adds Schuhmacher, “and the good experiences we have had with EFI as a partner.”

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