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The Kongsberg V cutting table represents value, durability, reliability, precision and ease of use at an attractive investment level. The Kongsberg V cutters come in standard configurations for sample making, signage and display production. They offer a broad selection of tools, providing quality results on a wide range of cutting, creasing, and plotting tasks.

There are two kinds of Kongsberg V tables, each with their own strengths and range of applications:

  • Kongsberg V for packaging sample making
    The Kongsberg V for packaging is a cutting table configured for sample making, short run production of mockups and other packaging specific applications. This table is outfitted with a FLEXIHead which enables highly accurate, powerful cutting on thin, flexible materials such as paper, folding carton, vinyl, textile and more. The FlexiHead is attached to a very precise servo axis, controlling the tool depth when cutting, creasing and routing. Three configurable tool stations accommodate a full range of standard tool inserts.


  • Kongsberg V for signage and display production
    The Kongsberg V for signage and displays comes with a MultiCUT tool head offering milling productivity and a camera system. The MultiCUT combines all the tool insert options with a milling spindle up to 45.000 RPM.

It’s perfect for a wide range of signage materials. The air-cooled milling bit assures edge quality during high-speed milling of acrylics and other synthetics and the switch-operated bit exchange eliminates the need for hand tools. The camera system and innovative front-end software make it the perfect entry level solution for signage production.

The Kongsberg V Cutting Tables are available in South Africa from Graphix Supply World.

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