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“Typical finishing operations suffer from the fact that their equipment is not used optimally: there are too many manual steps; setting up cutting tables takes too long; and prioritising jobs as well as optimised material handling is not always possible. With a series of new Drupa launches, Esko gives companies the tools to get the absolute most out of their equipment, their workflow and their staff.”

“With the help of Esko, companies will be able to boost their throughput and protect their margins while delivering quality results that will bring customers back for more. Esko aligns the performance of digital finishing operations with the fast evolution of digital presses, effectively eliminating an important bottleneck. Drupa visitors got to experience how we provide automation on many levels, with an extraordinary amount of flexibility. The impressive range of different automation configurations at various price points will meet any of our customers’ needs.” says Tom Naess, Esko Product Manager Digital Finishing.”

“At Drupa, Esko showcased an industrial, automated robotic production system. This setup demonstrated how intelligent material processing and handling will work in perfect harmony with the Kongsberg cutting table. The solution is powered by one of the most agile industrial robots currently available, demonstrating high speed, high power and versatility.”

“The production system shown at Drupa operates the new Esko Kongsberg C24, equipped with a multi-zone capability. With such a setup, the cutting table delivers up to 80% greater output.”

“The robot will load and unload the table zones with blazing speed and accuracy. Intelligent camera technology guarantees 100% accuracy and repeatability, by assuring that boards are precisely placed on the table. With a 2.8 meter reach, the robot is able to handle substrates from multiple pallets, and can also be set up to serve two Kongsberg cutting tables simultaneously. Infrared laser scanner technology protects the operator and reduces the need for physical safety fences.”

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DATE: 31 May 2016