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Esko-Happy-CustomerRótulo has invested in a Kongsberg C64 cutting table from Esko to ensure it delivers unequalled finishing quality, boosting its overall production capacity and speeding time to market.

Established in 1997, the full-service digital print provider had already installed an Esko Kongsberg XL 44. With this latest acquisition of a Kongsberg C64, the company has confirmed its confidence in the ability of Esko’s solutions to help it satisfy customer demand and differentiate itself from the competition.

Master Rótulo has 23 employees at its 1,200 square meter site. The digital print operation, specializing in label manufacturing, has recently expanded its sign and display and POS presence as well. Today, the company works with a broad range of clients including advertising agencies, stand builders and architects, managing the entire production process from order to completion.

Vicente Adán, manager, says, “We needed a digital cutter to produce random shapes to support different market demands. We have three digital  printing machines and needed a solution that could flexibly and efficiently address our finishing needs.”

As part of its due diligence, Master Rótulo investigated other systems before making this investment. Adán comments, “We looked at finishing solutions from other vendors that we have used in the past, but there were a number of reasons we chose the Kongsberg.

“We liked the productivity of the 100-meter-per-minute system and its ability to cut a wide range of materials from textiles, vinyl, rigid materials and flexible materials to cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Its cutting width of 3.2 meters means we can adapt cutting capacity to complete production from our three Durst printers.

“The Kongsberg platform is also easy to use, and the Corruspeed tool allows us to cut cardboard at 100% speed. The tool heads’ downward pressure of 500 Newtons is unique in the market and truly makes a difference in quality finishing of heavier materials, while the 3kw milling router assures high quality milling results for the heaviest materials like wood, aluminum and plexiglass.”