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Efi-Ceramic-Tile-PrintingElectronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) is bringing advanced digital inkjet printing technologies for ceramic tile printing to at the Ceramics China trade show in Guangzhou.

The larger EFI Cretaprint presence at the show – which included the launch of a new entry-level printer – validates the company’s dedication to innovation in digital ceramic tile printing in the most important tile market in the world.

EFI is the only company in the industry that provides a complete, dedicated solution to the tile industry, from entry level to very high end, based on an integrated ecosystem. The EFI Cretaprint Ecosystem supports the analog-to-digital transition in ceramic tile decoration with printers, EFI Cretacolor inks and EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) technologies for seamless workflow and exceptional color management.

“At Ceramics China, we once again brought a full suite of solutions to address the rapid transition to digital in this important market,” said José Luis Ramón Moreno, VP and GM, EFI Industrial Printing. “From the brand-new entry-level EFI Cretaprint C4 Twin to the EFI Cretaprint P4 – the most powerful ceramic tile printer on the market – visitors to the EFI stand found both the best solution for their needs and the EFI experts that can help them make the right decisions for their businesses.”

Users saw the EFI Cretaprint P4, an ideal printer for manufacturing slabs in regular ceramic production lines to respond to growing market needs for architectural, furniture and other new uses.

EFI has the largest number of installed soluble salt printers in the market and is the only international digital tile decoration technology company with a direct
presence in China. EFI’s expert dedicated local staff – the largest in the industry –understands the ceramic tile market, the requirements of the Chinese ceramic tile industry, and ensures both fast field service and rapid availability of parts, consumables and other support when needs arise. EFI Cretaprint inks for ceramics are high quality and deliver exceptional color range and consistent results.

The EFI Cretaprint line also includes the ability to decorate ceramic slabs up to 1800 mm wide, extending the opportunity for ceramic tile manufacturers to add new revenue streams and new product lines to increase profitability and competitive advantage. Because EFI Cretaprint printers are digital, they can accommodate everything from very short runs to long-run manufacturing for indoor, outdoor and other industrial uses.