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Artists, designers and other creatives have used laser cutting and engraving technology for some time now. As laser technology has become more affordable, applications and uses of laser cutters have grown in diversity and are fast growing. This technology gives the digital print and cut industry scope to broaden their services to a diverse clientele.

Graphix Supply World (GSW) is the distributor of Eurotech precision laser cutters and engravers at exceptionally affordable prices (from under R100k). Eurotech cutters are easy to use, very reliable and fast, ideal for companies to expand services and solutions – giving scope to new applications and opportunities. GSW has successfully completed more than 10 installations over the past two months, and are looking forward to assist potential customers.

Lasers are flexible manufacturing machines and are used in everything from changing the surface of aircraft wings (to improve aerodynamics) to producing major art installations throughout the world. They can cut, engrave, and even vaporise materials. This flexibility gives companies the opportunity to create intricate, fine-detailed designs. Generally this involves engraving into planar surfaces, to reveal lower levels of the surface or to create grooves and striations which can be filled with inks, glazes, or other materials.

Eurotech cutters and engravers work on most substrates; acrylic, plastic, wood, glass, paper, leather, fabric, rigid board, and many more… The creative potential of these cutters is vast and almost limitless.

To control the path of the laser all you need to do is create a vector file and send it to the laser cutter. Many programs can create these files such as CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or even the free and open-source Inkscape. Once the laser cutter has its path it can cleanly cut out whatever you want. It’s a direct path from idea to real object without worrying about making all the cuts or messing up along the way.

GSW has a range of Eurotech cutters and engravers to suit your specific requirements and/or needs. For more information about Eurotech cutters and engravers or to order your new laser cutter please contact Graphix Supply World at GSW distributes nationwide (South Africa) and throughout Africa.