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We had the pleasure of chatting to Allistair Bunding, one of the Directors of CTC Sports, based in Ndabeni, Maitland in Cape Town. This innovative company is a family owned operation and has been growing from strength to strength since they opened their doors 19 years ago.

CTC Sports main focus is the manufacturing and branding of sports clothing, mainly for schools, clubs and sports associations. Their target market sports are football, rugby, netball and cricket, but Allistair says they have not ruled out other sports and will consider them as they branch out.

For now, they supply all sports clothing from tracksuits to shorts, t-shirts and everything in between.

They are happy to keep their market to within these parameters for now and will only consider retail when they are ready for that growth.

CTC Sports has been utilising their own branding machines for over 10 years now and it was due to a need to bring the sublimation style of branding in-house that they began their search for the perfect machine.

Allistair had the following to say on the matter, “It has really made a huge difference to our profit margin. The cost of outsourcing is ludicrous. We have more control this way as well.”

Their newest purchase is the Mimaki JV150-160; Metalnox PTA120000 Auto Heat Press from Graphix Supply World.

Mimaki JV150-160

JV150 Series printer from Mimaki provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for signmakers, display graphics professionals and printshops.

Metalnox PTA120000 Auto Heat Press

Professional and industrial, electric and fully-automatic dual shuttle pneumatic heat press with no tack vacuum system. The PTA 12000’s patented paper vacuum system reduces the need for tack dye sub and ghosting.

Transfer high quality images onto a variety of media for all-over dye sublimation, t-shirt and apparel, textile printing, sportswear, beachwear and more.

When asked about the reasons behind purchasing this machine and how it has benefited their business growth, Allistair enthusiastically told us, “The purchase has made a phenomenal differencetoourbusiness. Justtogiveyouanexample,wepurchasedthemachineinMayofthis year and we were able to pay the machine off in just 3 short months. This was completely due to us bringing this type of branding in-house. And we plan to look to purchase another machine shortly too.” Allistair added with regards to whether the purchase has affected their business, “Without a doubt. Our sales have gone through the roof since acquiring the heat press machine.”

The Auto Heat Press machine works with a process called sublimation and the machine basically has two functions. One is to print and the other to press. One first prints on the paper, then the dye sublimation goes from paper to fabric. The heat press causes a chemical reaction to occur between the ink and the polyester, which then presses the graphic onto the fabric.

We asked Allistair why he chose Graphix Supply World for this piece of machinery, “Well, basically, when I started searching online and asking fellow colleagues, GSW’s name kept coming up time and time again. So, after an informative meeting with Nathan, their sales guy, I decided to go with Graphix Supply World. We have had great service from the delivery to the aftersales assistance.”

For more info on CTC Sports and all that they have to offer, please link up to their website or contact Allistair Bunding direct on T: 021 511 8737 / EMAIL:

And to find out more about the Mimaki JV150-160; Metalnox PTA120000 Auto Heat Press purchased by CTC Sports, take a look at GSW’s website – or email alternatively make direct contact via one of their various branches. Cape Town: +27(0)21 511 5340

Johannesburg: (011) 444 9288 Durban: 031 502 6128

We thank Allistair and his team at CTC Sports for purchasing from Graphix Supply World for their branding needs and look forward to seeing their growth going forward.

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