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Working with a tight deadline and a challenging assignment, USA-based Color Ink delivered its client realistic 1:1 scale models of Olympic bobsleds in time for the Olympics. Color Ink’s client, Century 21, is an official sponsor of the US bobsled team and their objective was to display a handful of the replica bobsleds at various locations during Winter Olympics that took place in February 2014.

The project had multiple challenges. Color Ink had to come up with a structural design that would be lightweight for shipping, and have as few parts as possible so that it would be relatively quick and easy to assemble the model. In addition, they had to make sure that the material was durable enough so it would not sustain any damage during the shipping process – but it had to look as authentic as possible. All of this was requested within a limited budget.

The final bobsled model was created from lightweight 40mm white styrene wrapped around a one-inch Ultraboard curvature frame and printed on an Inca Onset Q40i. “Printing the job with our six-colour Inca Digital Onset Q40i was simple. In fact, from our point of view, it is usually the easiest task of any job,” says Todd Meissner, Color Ink President. “Just by virtue of the printhead and ink technology, the quality from the Inca Onset Q40i is exceptional. The solids were very easy to replicate, without any banding.” For its efforts, Color Ink was honoured with a special award for creativity during Inca Digital’s 2014 IDEAs awards ceremony this past May in Munich.

The Onset Q40i has been developed to address the growing market for an ultra-high-quality flatbed printer capable of delivering high production speeds. It accomplishes this by utilizing a very small droplet droplet size (9 picoliter) jetted through 42,000 nozzles to produce ultra-crisp images, fine lines, sharp text and smooth tonal graduations with output quality traditionally associated with commercial offset printing. The Onset Q40i prints on an extensive variety of substrates.

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