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In recent years, industrial digital printing has boomed and Coldenhove Papier, a small Dutch paper manufacturer, has played a leading role thanks to the spirit of ingenuity with a department of six paper passionate developers who work full time constantly creating new innovations.

One of their innovations is the digital sublimation transfer paper, Jetcol, introduced in 1998 and suited to various applications. Jetcol is mainly known for its high yield ink and good printability, deeper colours and greater colour range.  One exciting new application is fashion printing, as showcased with Graphix Supply World at the Coldenhove Fashion Show during Fespa Africa. Both large and small quantities can be produced quickly and deliver high quality without a higher price tag.
Another innovation, which is being used more and more, is digital decor paper. Decor printing with the Digicol D-series offers a range of applications such as creating samples and small to medium sized production runs for the construction of i.e. exhibition booths, panels, shop interiors and kitchens. Digicol D1000 is a digital decor paper that is designed to be printed using UV or water based inks and is applicable for the dry lamination process. Depending on the type of ink, the paper is also suitable for impregnation. The paper distinquishes itself with a high transparency after lamination, allowing for white or coloured underlays to provide the required opacity. Digicol D1000 is designed to react with the resin from overlay and underlay resulting in a very high internal bond of the pressed laminate.

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