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Michele Mahmood is the Co-Owner of CertiFresh Cigar in Robbinsdale, MN. CertiFresh Cigar uses patented technology to create a perfectly humidified environment for cigars with their special packaging. The guaranteed fresh cigar pack is then personalized for the customer. CertiFresh Cigar’s typical customers are golf courses, casinos, and corporations. Quality packaging of the final product is of utmost importance as Certifresh partners with the finest cigar manufacturers in the world and supplies high-end clients.

Prior to purchasing the Afinia Label L801 Colour Label Printer, CertiFresh Cigar had a desktop inkjet printer that they described as “very limiting.” “The L801 printer and Memjet technology has changed the way we print. We can now print labels to be applied directly onto a tube, whereas before we were limited to flat stock of a certain size,” explained Mahmood. “Now, we are using tag stock and label stock… we can do basically anything with this printer. It will cut for me, and it will roll for me. It has taken our business to a new level!”

“We chose the Afinia L801 Colour Label Printer because of its speed and print quality. The brightness, the colour, the sharpness… This will kick out 18m/min onto a roll and the colour is perfect.” Not only has Mahmood appreciated the speed and quality, she also is thrilled at the L801’s ease-of-use. “Using the printer has been very easy for me. It is low-maintenance, the technology is great, and it’s very easy to use.”

Between the L801 printer’s user-friendliness and its industry-leading printing speed, CertiFresh Cigar is saving time, big time. “The return on investment is terrific. The time savings alone is incredible, but the money that we save on ink is substantial.”

“I would recommend this printer to anyone who needs to be in control of their printing. Large or small runs can be done on your schedule, not someone else’s. The technology is amazing. It is high-end, cutting-edge, and second to none. It has changed our world!”

Afinia’s range of label printers is available from Graphix Supply World.

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