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Nazdar Releases 184 Series Solvent Inkjet Ink

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces the 184 Series, a newly developed digital imaging ink formulated specifically as a high performance alternative for Mimaki™ JV150/300 and CJV150/300 digital printers using Mimaki BS4 ink. Nazdar 184 Series users will benefit from low odour and enjoy the convenience of a range of packaging options – 600ml bags and 2000ml bags compatible with MBIS.

“The new Nazdar 184 Series exhibits outstanding performance, with excellent outdoor resistance to colour fade and chemical attack caused by UV degradation or environmental pollution,” says Stephen Woodall, Nazdar Ink Technologies’ Global Segment Manager, Aqueous & Solvent Digital. “We’ve developed an ink with excellent performance and adhesion on flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh.”

To find out more about the range of Nazdar inks, email

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Mimaki Launches New Metallic UV Ink

Mimaki Europe released UV-curable metallic ink, that was demonstrated for the first time at C!Print 2019

Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting systems,  released a UV-curable metallic ink, named MUH-100-Si, earlier this month [February 2019]. The new ink strengthens Mimaki’s product offering and pushes the boundaries of graphic expression beyond that of ordinary UV flatbed inkjet printers. The ink is compatible with Mimaki’s UJF-7151plus printer, which produces high-quality print for an impressive range of applications, from gifts and novelty items to wide-format boards. The MUH-100-Si UV-curable metallic ink was demonstrated to the French market for the first time at C!Print 2019(5-7 February 2019, Lyon, France – Stand 2L22).

The new MUH-100-Si UV-curable metallic ink brought a strong competitive edge to Mimaki customers, allowing them to provide added value to the brands who use their services. Supporting Mimaki’s ideology of “new technology for creating the next generation of digital printing”, the new ink demonstrates how digital print enables creative ideas to be realised highly efficiently in the product manufacturing process. Whilst metallic effects on printed products typically require further processing and manual handling after printing, C!Print visitors got to see how Mimaki’s new technology can be used to produce impactful prints without cost or time restraints.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager, Mimaki Europe comments: “We were very excited to launch this metallic ink and have the opportunity to display it at C!Print in Lyon. At Mimaki we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with products that will allow them to stand out within their markets. Not only will the new metallic ink ensure this, but it will also provide a much more efficient way for our customers to manufacture more luxurious and sophisticated products.”

Created by mixing a bright pigment into the ink, MUH-100-Si can place metallic ink directly onto the product without the need for a separate manual transfer process, as is the case when applying glitters or foils to produce a metallic effect. Decorative options such as printing both gloss and matte tones, texture expression with embossing effect, and full-colour metallic expressions can be achieved in-house by printing coloured ink overlaid on metallic ink. Available for use with the UJF-7151plus printer, the metallic ink can be used for a wide range of applications, including items such as paper containers, films and novelty items.

“Broadening our range of inks really helps our customers to optimise the use of their Mimaki printers and differentiate themselves from competitors. Delivering new creative possibilities whilst maintaining the same high quality and reliability that we pride ourselves on, helps our customers’ businesses to thrive and helps the brands they work with to stand out from the crowd,” concludes Benckhuysen.

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Affordable Inks and Media from High Performance






Plug and Print with High Performance Inks and Media and you will instantly see increased profits, every time you print.

High Performance Ink and Media are typically 30% cheaper than other inks and media. Converting over to High Performance is easy and painless!

Plug and Print: High Performance’s inks are designed for easy, one cartridge at a time installation.

Colour Compatible: High Performance’s wide range of inks and media have been designed to accurately match the colour of other inks. No re-profiling necessary. And our media offer equivalent colour matches to other media brands.

Africa Proven and Tested: High Performance Inks and Media are formulated for the harsh African climates.

With High Performance Media and Ink you are able to produce a wide range of profitable applications including:

  • Sportswear
  • Cycling wear
  • Flags
  • Gazebos
  • Banners
  • Outdoor Umbrellas
  • Labels
  • Interior decorating
  • Furnishing and Doors
  • Glass Decor
  • Digital Printing
  • Cutting Vinyl
  • Laminating
  • Backlit Film
  • Cold Lamination Film
  • …and much much more

High Performance Media is compatible with Mimaki, Roland, HP, Mutoh, Epson, Océ and Fuji.

For more information on your printer and heat press solutions, email or give us a call!

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Ink Freedom: Nazdar’s Stephen Woodall looks at Trends in Graphics Market


Following Stephen Woodall’s appointment as Global Market Segment Manager for Aqueous & Solvent Digital at Nazdar Ink Technologies earlier this year, he gives his insight into trends in the signage and graphics market. Based in Stockport, Stephen Woodall works closely with regional managers in territories across the globe and Nazdar’s UK- and USA-based R&D teams. He says that currently Nazdar is actively working with channel partners who want to specifically target markets and expand their customer network.

“The Nazdar 130 Series inks, our alternative to the Mimaki SS21 inks, have been a very popular addition to our product range, but recently we’ve also seen greater uptake of Nazdar 203 Series inks, which are a high-quality, more affordable alternative to ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks,” he comments. “Like all Nazdar’s alternative ink ranges, these two products are a close physical match in terms of performance, adhesion, colour vibrancy and outdoor longevity.

“Over the coming months I expect to see continued stability in the signage and graphics market, with demand remaining strong for exciting new products and greater efficiencies helping businesses to reduce their spend while retaining quality. A growing number of people are finding that a changeover to Nazdar inks is painless and trouble-free with no obvious difference except the cost.

“Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their overheads without reducing their quality, which is not a new development, but we are seeing the impact now in the form of increased interest in our free ink cartridge campaign.

“Nazdar has an ongoing programme of supplying an ink cartridge free of charge to graphics, packaging and industrial printers to be trialled in conjunction with their OEM inks. While we’ve always had good uptake in the UK and USA, at present we’re seeing an increased interest from other geographic regions. The campaign offers the opportunity to try out Nazdar inks risk-free, which growing numbers of print businesses seem inclined to do.

“Furthermore, these ink cartridges are provided to each customer by their local resellers who know the market and can provide tailored advice and any support they might need. Customers aren’t just receiving a single ink cartridge through the post; they’re building a relationship with a fellow local company with whom they can work in the future. This reflects a wider trend of people preferring to invest in local, independent businesses and receiving more personal customer care.”

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New stretchable ink from Mimaki expands Wide Format possibilities

“Mimaki today announced that it will be making a brand-new ink available in Summer 2016. Mimaki LUS-350 is a unique, stretchable ink suitable for a wide range of thermoforming applications, especially those requiring exceptional hardness and durability such as automotive parts. Mimaki LUS-350 ink is compatible with the Mimaki UJF-7151plus and JFX200-2513 printers and will be available in CMYK, white and a unique clear ink.”

“This new ink will change the way vacuum moulded – or thermoformed – applications are created,” says Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “It brings the benefits of digital printing to this segment of the market, addressing requirements for fast turn, short-run moulded objects with exceptional graphic quality. Previously, objects had to be formed and then have the images applied manually or with screen-printing, a time-consuming and expensive process. Now thermoformed objects can be imaged before forming, using Mimaki digital printers with an ink that will not crack or otherwise be damaged during the heat-based forming process. It will provide a beautiful finish for applications such as car parts, mock-ups, moulded signs, kiosks and more.”

Speak to Graphix Supply World to find out more about Mimaki new strechable ink.

Mimaki –

Graphix Supply World –

Cape Town: Tel +27 (0) 21 511 5340

Johannesburg: Tel +27 (0) 11 444 9288

Durban: Tel +27 (0) 31 502 6128

24 Hours: Tel +27 (0) 82 455 6333

Date: 19 April 2016


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Bordeaux FUZE MS33

An advanced Mild Solvent ink formulation which is a Mix & Match* ink with Mimaki® SS21. This ink can also be used with Bordeaux Bulk Ink System configuration. The ink features very low odour level, superb adhesion and outstanding printing quality exceeding original.


PACKAGING: 1L bottle, 440ml cartridge, 2L bags for MBIS, 1L bag for bulk, 600ml cartridge

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Bordeaux FUZE MS3

Advanced Mild Solvent ink formulation is Mix & Match* ink with Mimaki™ SS2  featuring superb printing quality, very low odor level and outstanding printing quality.


PACKAGING: 1L bottle, 440ml cartridge, 2L bags for MBIS, 1L bag for bulk, 600ml cartridge

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Mimaki CS100 ink

CS100 ink, available in 2-liter bottles, is not only more affordable than conventional ink cartridges, but the ink has exceptional stability and low propensity to clog nozzles. The CS100 inks also bring the same high Mimaki standards for color accuracy and  image durability found in conventional Mimaki solvent inks.

Can be used on a SWJ320 S2/S4

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Mimaki ES3-Eco-solvent ink

Eco-solvent ink can be used safely in general office environments and does not require special ventilation equipment. Mimaki’s unique “White Ink Overlay Print” enables simultaneous printing of colors and white ink. When printing on transparent substrates, white ink underprinting enables printing of more vivid images.

Available in CMYK,Lc,Lm,W & Silver

Can be used on Mimaki CJV30 series, JV33 series, JV5 series.