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Calandra Textile CMD-1800

The Calandra Multifunction Double Metalnox is specially developed for applying prints on cut / parts located for continuous production.

With his pioneering dual system of protection of felt, it is possible to eliminate the use of kraft paper, they may be reused coils transfers already used for protection of the same.

The CMD Calenders 1800 offer great benefits. Meet some of them:

  • Economy of labor, because does not require removal of the paper, which can reduce the number of players (01 per machine);
  • Maximum use of the paper and sublimation ink within the total area of ​​application;
  • Economics of electricity (maximum output for the same consumption compared to a heat press);
  • Uniformity of temperature, pressure and traction throughout the area of ​​application, thus avoiding 2nd quality pieces;
  • System that prevents contamination of the environment;
  • Reduction in space for stamping (more efficient equipment);
  • Requires no air compressor or compressed air;
  • Gain in quality and color fidelity and detail in high definition, without shadows or spots *;
  • Waiver skilled labor, where the quality of the transfer term will depend on the machine and not the operator;
  • Lets work on cut / parts located and also work on the same machine in continuous tissue;
  • Allows application in all kinds of parts, including large formats, such as towels, flags, etc.

* Considering coils printed transfers through Plotters, such as ePrint MTX Strong .