Trade-in, Trade-up!

EFI Reggiani Next

EFI Reggiani proposes to the market the newborn beltless printer NEXT: it prints on paper for transfer with four double heads and very brilliant colors. 
The NEXT printer can manage 3,000 l/m  paper roll thanks to its strong  mechanical structure for 24 hours/day.



  • Both for sampling and production
  • Multiple customizations available
  • Quick answer to production requests
  • No need of head alignment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lowest cost per meter in its category
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Easy access to main machine modules
  • Easy to use
  • Easy color refill
  • Suitable for 24/7
  • One operator can manage multiple machine




  • New high efficiency dryer
  • New design
  • New electronic and user interface. Diagnostic embedded
  • New enhanced ink recovery system, up to 95% of ink saving
  • Improved and simplified  head layout
  • All in one: ink system, electrical cabinet, dryer 
  • Small footprint 
  • Ink management: in line double degassing and filtering 
  • Full variable drop size
  • High efficiency dryer 
  • Head crash protective system 
  • High efficiency head wiping
  • Real time image processing 
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers
  • Embedded color feeding
  • Self cleaning 
  • Software open to main RIP vendors
  • Printing width from 185 to 340 cm
  • From 4 to 72 pl drop size
  • From 300 up to 2400 dpi
  • Fabric weight from 40 to 300 gr/sqm
    • no stretchable fabrics and no trough print
  • Paper weight from 28 to 140 gr/sqm
  • Media feed (Entry):
    • standard roll unwinder up to ø 450 mm for 180 cm
    • standard roll unwinder up to ø 350 mm for 340 cm
  • Media take-up (Exit):
    • standard roll winder up to ø 450 mm for 180 cm
    • standard roll winder up to ø 350 mm for 340 cm
  • Dryer: electrically heated plate
  • Fashion
  • Home textile
  • Automotive 
  • Outdoor
  • Sportswear
  • Signage
Digital printing machine for printing on paper and fabric. The NEXT revolution of the species.
IRIS’s water-based inks print brilliantly with EFI Reggiani digital printers
AQUA Premium reactive inks print brilliantly with EFI Reggiani digital printers
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