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Calender Heat Presses

Eurotech MOT 1700 Heat Press

•  MOT is suitable for thermal & low temperature transferring

•  Adjustable air pressure control system for perfect transferring

•  Blanket can be separated from oil tank manually when power failure

•  Stable temperature output, Teflon oil drum & precise mechanism

•  It can do jobs length over 100m without deflection

•  MOT-M is double layer drum structure while MOT-S is single layer

•  Applied for Garment sheets / Fabric rolls / Flags / Socks / Blanket / Curtain etc.

•  Large drum diameter and width can be customised up to 3.6m (glass not included)

Klieverik GTC Models

The type GTC belt calenders can be used for dye-sublimation transfer printing (paper to textile) as well as for dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments. 
The precision guiding of the long belt and the lack of lateral movement of the paper and fabric make it possible to print with the highest degree of edge sharpness. The stable temperature of the thermal oil and the electrically heated drum are designed to give you excellent colour brilliance.


Klieverik GFC Models

The beltless calender type GFC is designed for the fixation of dispersed dyes and pigmentsprinted directly on the material. Flag, banner and backlit material are ideal to be processed on this type of calender. The stable temperature of the thermal oil and electrically heated drum will give you consistent brilliant colours.


Metalnox CMD1800 S02 Multi Function Calender

The Calender CMD 1800 S2 is an equipment developed and produced by Metalnox for the sublimation of synthetic fabrics. With a high production rhythm and with the lower operational cost, enables work in fabric and continuous transfer as well as tissues and transfer of cut pieces.


Metalnox CMD1800 Multi Function Calender

The CMD 1800- MULTI-FUNCTION DUAL CALENDER is designed to perplaten thermal sublimation print transfers on cutout/located pieces for continuous basis. Its pioneer dual felt protection system allows for eliminating the use of Kraft paper because in this case coils of re-used transfer paper can be used for to do the same job.


Metalnox PTA 1200 Automatic Heat Press

The PTA 1200- AUTOMATIC HEAT PRESS is a fully automatic machine with two trays, and has a useful area of 1000x1047mm. Indicated for sublimation operations. While one piece is being pressed, the operator can prepare the next one, thus yielding a higher production speed. 


Royal Sovereign InPress Series

The InPress line of Royal Sovereign Calender Heat Transfer Systems are specifically designed for sign and print shops seeking to expand their professional offerings. With a 10″ø infra-red or oil drum, the InPress calender is the prefect compliment to dye sublimation printers up to 64″ in width. 

Royal Sovereign NexxPress Series

NexxPress™ line of Calender Heat Transfer Systems has available options of an extra long infra-red heated drum or a traditional self-contained oil heated drum (available in 14″ø, 22″ø or 34″ø), each ensuring a smooth and even heat distribution. Engineered for Roll to Rol Production and for Piece Production with sizes ranging from 65″ up to 122″, Royal Sovereign has evolved to need your dye sublimation transfer needs.