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Primera-Extra-Shine-LabelsPrimera Europe recently launched the new FX500e Foil Imprinter.

New Feature: Print Head Cools Down Automatically
Printing will stop until the print head cools to normal printing temperature. Once it completes, the printer will automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously. Compared to the FX400e, the FX500e can work almost unattended. As soon as the printer overheats, it stops the print job. This means that all labels are printed in the same quality and no waste is produced.

Darkness and Speed Settings
For the best printing results with Clear Foil we have determined the following settings. We always recommend to test these settings by yourself as well.

Full Bleed Print
Full bleed printing is not a problem, but please note the following:
Size. It might help to increase the height and/or width of the page/label size in the Options tab a little bit. Then adapt the size of the image to fit the new larger page/label size.
Top Adjustment. Decrease the top adjustment by approximately 2mm (0.08″). This will cause the printer to start printing before the label and ensures a fully printed label.
Attention: Too much over bleeding will cause the printer to skip labels, due to the fact that it stops printing too late to sense the next label.

Advantages of FX500e and Clear Foil:

  • Economical laminating solution for short-run on-demand label printing.
  • Resistance to water and water-based cleaning products.
  • Resistance to common solvents like alcohol and oils.
  • Increased scratch and fade resistance for longer image life and bar code scannability.

Watch the video here