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Graphix Supply World was selected as the top printing supplier in South Africa at the 2015 African Corporate Excellence Awards.

Graphix Supply World is Africa’s leading digital printing solutions firm, offering a wide range of services to support
our clients. Representatives of African Corporate Excellence Awards spoke to Rob Franco about our innovative firm and how we have attained and kept our position as industry leader:

“Graphix Supply World has over 20 years’ experience in the digital printing market, and we have drawn on
this to develop a range of digital printing solutions, supplying printing technology as well consumables
such as inks and even finance solutions to suit all our customer’s needs. We are a full service distributor,
which is a big part of how we have become the leading digital printing technology firm in Africa.

We supply a wide range of digital printers for a range of industries, covering everything from label makers
through to large scale printers for posters and wall charts. Additionally we offer printers which can be
used on a variety of materials such as fabrics, ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are met.

As well as offering a wide range of solutions and products we also endeavour to provide our clients with
excellent service, as well as ensuring that our services are provided at affordable prices.

In order to stay ahead in an evolving industry such as ours we have to work hard to stay ahead of emerging
trends, which we achieve by attending a number of trade shows and events, extensive research as well as
working collaboratively with our peers in the industry
Best in Printing Suppliers – South Africa Our industry partners are a vital aspect of our work as
they support us in our work and having such a wide network ensures that we are able to grow throughout
the continent.

In the future we have some exciting plans for Graphix Supply World. We are currently working on an
expansion plan throughout Africa, seeking to build a network of partners throughout the region in order to
strengthen our position as market leader and ensure our continued growth as a company.”